Mariann Aalda & Iona Morris
        Not just content to write checks and walk the red carpet in support of good causes,  Mariann Aalda & Iona Morris give generously of their time and energies to what they believe in.

       Most recently, Iona directed a celebrity-studded performance of  The Vagina Monologues for the the first annual V-Day Santa Monica ...helping to raise more than  $20,000.  She also volunteers with the HerShe organization, working to educate and empower teen-aged girls.

      Mariann was cited by the California State Assembly for her volunteer work with Friends of the Family's Young Parents Program in the San Fernando Valley and was additionally named "Volunteer of the Year" by the Los Angeles Dept. of Children's services for her work with at-risk youth.

      With the visibility and notoriety summoned by the success of "MOIST!" they look forward to
bringing awareness to other good causes as well -- particularly those involving the betterment and safety of women and children; education and services leading to the end of global domestic violence, and education and services leading to global eradication of HIV/AIDS.
It Takes a Village...

"As actresses, we are often asked to participate in the fund-raising

efforts of many worthwhile causes.  These are  links to a few
of the organizations which we proudly support, and -- if you
are so inclined -- we encourage you to do the same."

A Global Movement to End Violence
Against Women & Girls

National Women's History Project

The Actors Fund

Friends of the Family

Alliance for Safety Awareness
for Patients

The HerShe Organization

Black AIDS Institute

Pasadena Playhouse

Picture courtesy of: Got It Like That Photography

Community Health Alliance of Pasadena

With CHAP Board President John Kennedy
& CEO Margie Martinez

Friends of the Congo