The Story of

      After it's critical and box-office success as a workshop production at the prestigious NBTF in Winstpn-Salem, NC, in 2007, "MOIST!"  captured the attention of another "seasoned" woman who was also a venture capitalist and theatrical producer and tapped the show to open Off-Broadway in the fall of 2008.  When the downturn in the economy upended those plans, Mariann Aalda & Iona Morris, the writer-creator-stars of the show, remained undaunted. 

      Having already relocated to New York, Mariann put all her things in storage and returned to LA to work with Iona on polishing the script, assembling a creative team and producing the show themselves in LA.

      Munyungo Jackson, a Grammy Award-winning percussionist for his work with Stevie Wonder, among others, was already on board as Musical Director, Arranger & Composer. 

     With the new addition of award-winning actress and producer-director, Penny Johnson Jerald, as director, everything began to fall into place, as Penny not only mined the comedy of the show, but also honed in on the deep emotionality of the script by encouraging the actresses to take take greater emotional risks. 

     Along with Jackson and Johnson Jerald, all members of the "MOIST!" creative team GAVE generously and graciously of their time and talents as a labor of LOVE...because they believe so strongly in the "MOIST!" message.  We invite you to go back to the "MOIST!" homepage and click on the links to their websites to find out more about them.    

    "Special Thanks" to Sharleen Cooper-Cohen, Lissa Layng Reynolds (& her hubbie, Jim!) and Sheldon Epps whose love and encouragement spurred us on and would not allow us to give Charles Weldon for encouraging us to "go there"...and to our attorney, A. Chandler Warren for giving us an "easy-payment" plan!

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  The M.O.I.S.T!-resses...

WHO are they?

The approximately 40 million women over 40 in the U.S. who are used to being catered to…used to being the “in”-crowd…used to being desired…and still consider themselves – and want to be recognized as sexually viable!

Sixty is the new forty. As evidenced by the recruitment of 60-somethings Diane Keaton as a spokesmodel for L’Oreal and Diane Sawyer as the new anchor of ABC Nightly News, today’s  “seasoned” women  are coming to the forefront of American culture.


Women of diverse cultural, social, religious, political, economic and ethnic backgrounds – who may not categorically fall into the same demographic – but who are part of the same “forever young,” psychographic have husbands, boyfriends and lovers who also have a vested interest in (and are the grateful beneficiaries of!) them being tuned into and turned-on by a celebration of their mature sexuality.


Women who have been in the work force for 20 to 30-plus years are starting to think about early retirement. Many are starting home-based businesses. The ones in long-term marriages are looking for ways to keep their relationships sexually vital and fulfilling.   The ones who are single and/or divorced are concerned about having sex at all! The issue of fertility is no longer what’s ticking away on their biological’s mortality, making them all concerned about not wasting any time...and making sure they have a good time, with the time they have left. 

Focus on the “youth market” market in past decades even has 20-somethings terrified of turning 30!  “MOIST!” is a Girls’ Night destination for young women to waylay those fears with its positive message putting a new spin on getting older.


WHERE are they?

In a word, they’re with OPRAH! And THE VIEW, and watching anything on LIFETIME, HGTV, OXYGEN or The HALLMARK CHANNEL. They’re also watching The DISCOVERY CHANNEL, The LEARNING CHANNEL, PBS, A&E, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and even The HOME SHOPPING NETWORK.


In addition to O Magazine, they’re also reading, IN-STYLE, PEOPLE, VOGUE, ESSENCE, MORE, MS, “new age” publications and anything in the non-fiction category that can advise them on how to improve their sex lives. 

They are the throngs of women who went to see The Vagina Monologues and Menopause:  The Musical  who are looking for “the next big thing” that speaks candidly (and entertainingly!) to female sexuality.

~     ~     ~

WHAT is theAppeal?

      In addition to being an actress and writer, Iona Morris is a well-respected theatrical director and producer.  In addition to being an actress and writer, Mariann Aalda has a background in marketing and publicity as a former account executive for Burson-Marsteller Public Relations and as a unit publicist for the ABC-TV Network in New York.  So, when they wrote this show, they also wrote a business plan.


      “MOIST!” is intended to be a multiple-platform entertainment vehicle utilizing the brands of both “MOIST!” and “The Peechee Sisters.”

     Theatrical production –The show was created to be a franchise...with multiple companies in production simultaneously with diverse casts of women playing the sisters...including the prospect of Daddy Peechee having two different wives so that the sisters could be of different ethnicities.

     The show was also created to be economical, with a cast of two and two live musicians on keyboard and percussion.

Publishing ­ Nonfiction  Advice  & “How-to” books from  The Peechee Sisters on a variety of relationship and self-improvement topics.  Journals, calendars, greeting cards, etc.

Online Blogs & Webisodes with the Peechee Sisters doling out advice on sex and relationships.

Merchandising –  As spokespersons and with the development of "MOIST!" product lines.

Television ­ A treatment for a half-hour sitcom has been written which involves multiple generations of women

Community Outreach ­­ Under its nonprofit program, the “Be Sexy Be Safe, campaign.